Selection of the Latest Public Filings

KABUGA, Félicien (MICT-13-38)
13 Mutarama 2021 Order Scheduling a Status Conference
STAKIĆ, Milomir (MICT-13-60-ES)
31 Ukuboza 2020 Decision on Sentence Remission and Early Release of Milomir Stakić
NCHAMIHIGO, Siméon (MICT-12-19-ES.1)
31 Ukuboza 2020 Decision on Siméon Nchamihigo’s Application for Commutation of Sentence
KUNARAC, Dragoljub (MICT-15-88-ES.1)
31 Ukuboza 2020 Decision on Dragoljub Kunarac’s Application for Early Release
POPOVIĆ, Vujadin (MICT-15-85-ES.2)
30 Ukuboza 2020 Decision on the Early Release of Vujadin Popović

Upcoming Judicial Events

Kabuga Felicien
KABUGA, Félicien (MICT-13-38)
Status Conference, 03-02-2021, 14:00 (CET)

Recent Judicial Events

TURINABO et al (MICT-18-116)
Trial, 24-11-2020, 10:00 (EAT) / 8:00 (CET)