The Mechanism is responsible for the management of the archives of the ICTR, the ICTY, and the Mechanism. This includes preserving and providing access to the archives in accordance with established policies and procedures.

The archives contain thousands of linear metres of physical records and more than 3 petabytes of digital records, including documents, maps, photographs, audio and video recordings, objects, databases, websites and other types of records. Collectively, these records document:

  • the ad hoc Tribunals and the Mechanism’s investigations, indictments and court proceedings;
  • their work relating to detention of accused persons, protection of witnesses and enforcement of sentences;
  • their relationships with States and other organizations; and
  • the administration of the Tribunals as United Nations entities.

The archives contain material which some users may find disturbing.


The Mechanism provides access to the archives in accordance with the Access Policy for the Records held by the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals.

Please note that researchers must be at least 16 years of age to be allowed to use the Research Room unless accompanied by an adult.

The archives are co-located with the corresponding branches of the Mechanism. Complete the online Records and archives Enquiry Form to enquire about access to the archives.

Access to Judicial Records

Judicial records are records of cases before the Tribunals, generated by the Chambers, the Prosecutor, the Defence, the Registry, the accused and third parties (e.g. States, amici curiae). They include: 

  • legal documents relating to a case that are filed before the court (e.g. indictments, motions, orders, decisions and judgements) and referred to collectively as “Filings”
  • evidence admitted in court (exhibits)
  • transcripts of proceedings
  • audiovisual recordings of proceedings

To search these records use the Unified Court Records (UCR) Database.


The Mechanism produces physical and online exhibitions of selected materials from the archives.