Call for Expressions of Interest for Pro Bono Counsel to Assist Convicted Persons in Proceedings Before the Mechanism

The Registry is currently welcoming expressions of interest from qualified legal practitioners interested in being added to the list of potential pro bono counsel, to represent convicted persons in post-conviction proceedings before the Mechanism. As relevant background, convicted persons are generally not entitled to legal aid before the Mechanism – rather, they are only granted legal aid in exceptional circumstances, and only after a judicial order to that effect. Nonetheless, convicted persons may engage pro bono counsel to represent them before the Mechanism. When the applicable requirements are met, the Registry formally recognises such counsel on the judicial record.
In order to be eligible to represent a convicted person in a pro bono capacity, candidates must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Admission to the practice of law in a State, or qualification as a university professor of law;
  • Written and oral proficiency in one of the two working languages of the Mechanism (i.e., English or French); and,
  • A clear criminal and disciplinary record (i.e., no relevant convictions or sanctions).1

In addition to the above, candidates who speak a mother tongue of any convicted person (i.e., Kinyarwanda, B/C/S, etc.) are strongly encouraged to express their interest. If you meet the requirements and would like to be added to the Registry’s list of potential pro bono counsel, please submit:

  1. an updated curriculum vitae;
  2. evidence establishing the above criteria; and,
  3. a brief biography which could be offered to interested convicted persons, describing your relevant professional experience.

The foregoing material should be sent electronically to: mictdefence[@]

1 While the Registry welcomes any reasonable evidence to establish this criterion, it is customarily satisfied if the candidate offers a certificate of good standing from a recognised national bar association.