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The Registry provides legal, administrative, policy and diplomatic support to both branches of the Mechanism. The Registry’s functions include:

The Registry is also responsible for all administrative services, including security services, language services, human resources and administrative support to all organs of the Mechanism. It is also responsible for the administration of the budget, as well its preparation and presentation to UN member states.

The Registrar is the head of the Registry. The Registrar is appointed by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, and is the head of entity to whom the Secretary-General has delegated the managerial authority over the Mechanism’s human, financial and physical resources. The Registrar is responsible for the implementation in the Mechanism of the Staff Regulations and Rules of the United Nations and other UN administrative issuances. As provided in the Statute of the Mechanism, the Registrar is supported by an officer-in-charge at each branch of the Mechanism, as well as other qualified staff appointed by the Secretary-General on the recommendation of the Registrar.