Internships in the Office of the Prosecutor

COVID-19 Note: You must have demonstrated proof of full vaccination to be considered for an on-site internship.

The Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of persons under Article 1 of the Statute of the Mechanism. This includes the expeditious completion of trial and appeal proceedings as well as review proceedings, contempt charges and other post-conviction litigation related to persons convicted by the ICTY and ICTR. The OTP’s mandate also includes ongoing investigations in cases against fugitives indicted by the ICTR and providing assistance to national authorities investigating war crimes within their jurisdictions.

The OTP has branches in Arusha, Tanzania and The Hague, Netherlands.

Internship Description

You will be assigned to one of the sections within the OTP, but may also be assigned work from other sections as well, depending on the needs of the Office. You will also have the opportunity to participate in team meetings, observe court proceedings (if in session) and attend workshops and lectures provided by experienced prosecutors.

Duties in each section within the OTP may include:

  • Appeals Section
    • Assisting OTP appeals counsel in conducting legal and factual research;
    • Drafting memoranda on issues of international humanitarian law and international and comparative criminal law and procedure;
    • Finalising appellate filings; and
    • Preparing for appeal hearings.
  • Core Team: Within this team, you will work on a range of issues related to the ongoing functions of the Mechanism. Specific tasks may include:
    • Participating in litigation related to review proceedings, contempt investigations, early release and other post-conviction proceedings;
    • Providing support for national authorities investigating and prosecuting serious international crimes;
    • Researching procedural and substantive issues of international criminal law and human rights law;
    • Performing research related to the interests of victims and witnesses; and
    • Assisting in the development of policies and guidelines.
  • Immediate Office of the Prosecutor: Legal interns provide litigation-related support to attorneys providing assistance to national war crimes investigators and prosecutors in the former Yugoslavia. Specific duties would include:
    • Review of judgments and evidentiary materials;
    • Preparation of evidence for transfer to national prosecuting authorities;
    • Research and analysis of comparative and international criminal law issues; and
    • Assistance drafting investigative and other legal and/or factual memoranda.

What we look for

As an intern in the OTP, you are a law graduate, a law student in your final year of undergraduate legal studies, or a law student who has completed one year of post-graduate law study in addition to a four-year undergraduate degree.

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