Learning about and understanding the findings of the ICTY and Mechanism on the crimes committed in the former Yugoslavia during the conflicts of the 1990’s is now possible, through a series of easily accessible digital products made available online through the MIP.

Short informational videos, online exhibitions, digital information packages, and podcasts in English and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian are available on this website and on the Mechanism’s social media platforms.

The digital features are produced using archival material from the ICTY and the Mechanism, including witness testimonies, original audio-visual material, military reports, and forensic documents.


Digital toolkits contain an overview of the cases before the ICTY/IRMCT, selection of the archive material, the videos and infographics produced by the MIP for its social media campaigns.

  • Remember fall of Vukovar
  • Remember The Siege of Sarajevo
  • Remember Sušica crimes
  • Remember Čelebici victims
  • Uzdol Killings
  • Stupni Do Crimes
  • Remeber Srebrenica Genocide
  • Operation Storm
  • Remember Kamenica crimes
  • Remember Kosovo Crimes


Online exhibitions produced by the MIP portray particular crimes prosecuted by the ICTY/Mechanism, giving the visitors an opportunity to get the knowledge about the judicial findings in the accessible and interactive manner.

Online exhibition Timeline of a genocide