Karadžić Appeal hearing - Practical Information for Media

The appeal hearing in the case of Radovan Karadžić before the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals (MICT or Mechanism) is scheduled for Monday, 23 and Tuesday 24 April 2018 in Courtroom I, Hague branch. The hearing of the appeals will be held from 9:20 to 17:30 on 23 April, and from 9:30 to 12:55 on 24 April.

Media accreditation is now closed.

Media accredited with access to the Mechanism building only

  • Aleksandar Furtula - AP
  • Jasper Korff - Reuters
  • Zoran Mikletić - Al Jazeera 
  • Andre van Solinge - ARD
  • Johannes Wich - ARD

Media accredited to the Mechanism building and Public Gallery of Courtroom I

  • Ismar Badzic - Independent
  • Stephanie van den Berg - Reuters
  • Joanna Biddle - AFP
  • Annette Birschel - DPA
  • Michael Corder - AP
  • Pierre-Henry Deshayes - AFP
  • Branimir Farkaš - HRT
  • Joseph Hallgate - Independent
  • Jan Hennop - AFP
  • John Hermse - Bloomberg
  • Anna Holligan - BBC
  • Jorie Horsthuis
  • Amanda Kirton - BBC
  • Stephanie Maupas - Le Monde 
  • Tobias Mueller - ARD
  • Charlotte van Ouwerkerk - AFP
  • Monique Slingerland - Nederlands Dagblad
  • Thomas Verfuss - Journalists for Justice
  • Tihomir Vinković - HRT
  • David Morales Urbaneja - Efe

Please note that standard accreditation passes will NOT be valid for entry to the building on the day of the hearing. Only accredited media representatives will be granted access to the building.

Those not accredited to the Courtroom may follow the hearing with a 30-minute delay on the screens in the lobby. The lobby will be equipped with work spaces, power outlets and Wi-Fi connection. Journalists wishing to connect to the feeds in the press room in the lobby should bring compatible equipment and a BNC cable. The hearing will be broadcast in English only but the audio feed will be available in English, French and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian.

Journalists are required to pick up their accreditation tickets on Monday, 23 April 2018, between 8.30 and 09:00 at the gate outside the main entrance.

Due to limited resource capacity, there will be limited ability to support the media representatives’ requests on the day.

Filming inside the Mechanism’s building

No filming is allowed inside the Mechanism’s building. Filming of the court proceedings is carried out by the Mechanism and an audio-visual feed will be distributed.

SNG vehicles

Limited space is available in the vicinity of the Mechanism’s building for SNG trucks. The Mechanism does not issue accreditations for SNG trucks and spaces are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Trucks parked in non-designated area will be asked to move by the local authorities.

Limited break-out boxes for the audio and video feeds are available. However, media organizations must ensure that they have an adequate supply of cabling and power.

Security Procedures

Main Entrance

All persons entering the building are subject to security checks of their person and belongings. No one is permitted access to the building without complying fully with the requirements of the Mechanism’s security officers. All members of the press must present their accreditation ticket, a valid press card and a valid passport/ID with a photo at the entrance.

Access to the Lobby

Persons with accreditation to access the lobby must remain within that area of the building and will not be allowed into the public gallery of the Courtroom.

Access to Public Gallery

Once in the building, persons who have been granted accreditation to access the public gallery of the courtroom are required to pass through an additional security check. Persons will be required to show both the building and public gallery accreditations. No electronic equipment whatsoever will be allowed in to the courtroom’s public gallery. Please do not carry mobiles, cameras or other such electronic devices.

It is possible to leave these items with the Mechanism’s Security in the deposit boxes at the main entrance. If you use Mechanism’s storage facilities, please plan for extra time to store your items and be reminded that the Mechanism shall not be liable for any loss or damage to any items or equipment.

Court Formalities

The Presiding Judge is responsible for the dignity and decorum of the courtroom proceedings and may order that any person be removed from the public gallery at any time. The formal entry of the Judges will be announced by an usher who will ask all present to rise. All present will stand and remain standing until after the Judges have taken their seats. A similar procedure will be followed at the close or any adjournment of the proceedings. All present will be asked to remain standing until all Judges have left the courtroom. For more information please refer to the MICT Rules of Decorum.


For further information please contact:

Spokesperson – Helena Eggleston
Tel: +31 70 512 5691; +31 6 11 92 37 43
or email egglestonh [at] un.org

External Relations office
Tel: +31 70 512 8613; 512-5759
or email mict-press [at] un.org