The Coordinator of the Mechanism Information Programme for Affected Communities (MIP), Rada Pejić-Sremac, spoke today at a panel discussion organized as part of the 27th Annual Conference of the European Association of History Teachers (EUROCLIO).

The Conference, entitled Controversy and Disagreement in the Classroom, gathered history teachers from across Europe and the Balkans to discuss how to address controversial topics in the classroom.

During her remarks, Ms. Pejić-Sremac referred to the Mechanism’s training programme on the use of the ICTY and Mechanism archives, which was developed for high-school history teachers and is jointly implemented by the MIP, EUROCLIO and associations of history teachers from the six countries of the former Yugoslavia.

Ms. Pejić-Sremac noted that, thus far, over 200 teachers have been trained. She further stressed that the archives of the ICTY and the Mechanism represent a unique resource for anyone wanting to learn about the crimes committed during the conflicts in the region of the former Yugoslavia, and efforts to address them.

The aim of the MIP is to improve the knowledge and understanding of citizens and communities in the countries of the former Yugoslavia about the crimes committed during the conflicts of the 1990s, based on ICTY and Mechanism cases. The MIP is generously supported by the European Union and the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.