Prosecutor Brammertz meets with Minister Andrej Milović

Ibiro bya Porokireri
The Hague
Prosecutor Brammertz meeting Minister Milović

Chief Prosecutor Serge Brammertz of the IRMCT Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) met today with H.E. Andrej Milović, Minister of Justice of Montenegro, in The Hague.

They discussed matters related to accountability for atrocity crimes committed during the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia.

Minister Milović affirmed Montenegro’s commitment to investigating and prosecuting persons suspected of having committed war crimes during the conflicts. In this regard, he expressed Montenegro’s appreciation to the OTP for its intensive support to the Montenegrin justice sector, particularly the Special State Prosecutor’s Office (SSPO), and requested that the OTP continue and strengthen its assistance to Montenegrin authorities.

Prosecutor Brammertz informed Minister Milović of the just-concluded visit by Montenegrin prosecutors and investigators to the OTP for detailed, operational discussions on important ongoing investigations. The OTP and SSPO a few months ago formed a joint task force to move forward these investigations, and the OTP is providing a wide range of valuable assistance, by providing access to evidence and expert analytical, investigative, and legal support. The SSPO has also noted the challenges it has faced in the variation of IRMCT protective measures and requested the OTP’s support. Minister Milović welcomed the close partnership between the OTP and the SSPO, which demonstrates the importance of international assistance to enable Montenegro to achieve its justice priorities.

Prosecutor Brammertz and Minister Milović concluded that continued cooperation between the OTP and Montenegrin authorities in the coming years will be critical to achieving more justice for more victims of crimes committed during the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia. Prosecutor Brammertz underscored the OTP’s determination to assist national partners prosecuting these crimes in their national courts, and Minister Milović expressed Montenegro’s strong support for the work of the OTP.