Kosovo Crimes 1999


This section provides an overview of the cases before the ICTY concerning the crimes committed in Kosovo municipalities during the spring of 1999. It also contains a selection of archival material and videos produced by the Mechanism Information Programme for Affected Communities (MIP).

The ICTY convicted the following for the crimes committed in Kosovo municipalities in the spring of 1999:

One accused has been acquitted (Milan Milutinović).
One accused passed away before a verdict could be handed down (Slobodan Milošević).

Selected Case Information

Nikola SainovicDragoljub OjdanicNebojsa PavkovicVladimir LazarevicSreten LukicMilan Milutinovic

Šainović et al. (IT-05-87) (Milutinović et al.) et al.

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Vlastimir Djordjevic

Đorđević (IT-05-87/1)

Case Information Sheet  │ Selected Documents │ Videos

Slobodan Milosevic

Slobodan Milošević (IT-02-54)

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Selected Archive Material

The selected archive material contains a compilation of audiovisual material admitted into evidence in ICTY trials related to crimes committed in Kosovo municipalities during the spring of 1999. When using this material, please use the following credit: “Footage courtesy of IRMCT”. For third-party content, please seek permission from the content owner.

To download the selected archive material via Microsoft OneDrive please follow this link.

Videos produced by the MIP

Remember Kosovo Victims

"I knew she was alive because I heard her crying, and I tried to save her but I couldn’t". In his testimony before the ICTY, witness Dren Caka explains that he could not save his baby sister during the shootings in Gjakove, in the night of 1 April and early morning of 2 April 1999. Caka, a 10-year-old boy at the time, was the only survivor of the shootings in the town of Gjakove, during which Serbian police killed 20 Kosovo Albania women and children, including his mother and three sisters. The ICTY convicted six high-level Serbian officials for crimes committed in Kosovo.

Remember Kosovo Victims

Remember Kosovo Victims

"They are only children." Those were the last words that Shefkate Bogujevci, a 43-year-old woman spoke before members of the Serbian “Scorpions” paramilitary unit opened fire and killed 14 Kosovo Albanian women and children from the Bogujevci, Llugaliu and Duriqi families in Podujevë, on 28 March 1999. Saranda and Fatos Bogujevci were among the five children who survived the killings. They testified at the trial of Serbian Police General Vlastimir Đorđević, who was convicted and sentenced to 18 years’ imprisonment for this and other crimes committed in Kosovo.

Remember Kosovo Victims