Florence Hartmann Granted Early Release

The Hague
Florence Hartmann
Florence Hartmann

The Mechanism’s President today issued a decision on the "Urgent Request to the President of the MICT to Grant Florence Hartmann Early Release", which was dated 25 March 2016 and transmitted to the Mechanism’s President on 29 March 2016. Ms. Hartmann was granted early release, with the decision effective as soon as practically possible.
In determining that Ms. Hartmann should be granted early release, the President considered that her exemplary conduct in the United Nations Detention Unit and her completion of more than two thirds of her sentence militated in favour of her release. He also consulted the majority of the Judges of the sentencing Chamber who are Judges of the Mechanism, pursuant to the Mechanism’s Rules of Procedure and Evidence. 
In his decision granting early release, the President took note of a separate complaint that had been submitted by Ms. Hartmann concerning the conditions of her detention at the United Nations Detention Unit. In a separate ruling, set forth in full in the decision on early release, President Meron concluded that the complaint was unfounded.
The decision of the President is available here.