Registry statement on the arrest and detention of Florence Hartmann

The Hague

Florence Hartman was arrested by UN Security Officers pursuant to an outstanding arrest warrant at the premises of the Mechanism on 24 March 2016.

Following her arrest, her counsel filed a complaint regarding the conditions of her detention in the United Nations Detention Unit. The complaint alleged that Ms Hartmann was being held in isolation and was subject to around the clock monitoring which involved keeping the light on in her room at all times.

The Mechanism received Ms Hartmann’s application on Friday, 25 March and the President considered it over the weekend in an expedited manner. The complaint was rejected as unfounded.

The President found that Ms Hartmann was not being held in isolation. As the only female detainee, she was separated from male detainees, in line with international best practice. Ms Hartmann was free to receive visitors, her counsel, and consular representatives. Additionally, she had access to a phone and could receive and send mail.

Regarding the second ground of Ms Hartmann’s complaint, it was determined that she had a light switch in her room and could turn the light on and off as she wished.

Ms Hartmann was convicted for contempt of court by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in 2009 and her judgement was confirmed by the Appeals Chamber in 2011. The original fine of 7,000 euros was converted into a sentence of seven days imprisonment. Ms Hartmann was granted early release on 29 March, having served six days of her sentence. 

The ICTY found that she knowingly and wilfully interfered with the administration of justice by disclosing information obtained while working as a staff member at the ICTY in violation of orders of the Appeals Chamber.