Uzdol Killings


This section provides information about the case tried before the ICTY concerning the crimes committed in the village of Uzdol, near Jablanica in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the 14 of September 1993. It also contains case information, a collection of archival material and videos produced by the Mechanism Information Programme for Affected Communities (MIP).

One person, Sefer Halilović, has been indicted before the ICTY for crimes committed in Uzdol.

Selected Case Information

Sefer Halilovic

Halilović (IT-01-48)

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Selected Archive Material

The selected archive material contains a compilation of audiovisual material admitted into evidence in the ICTY trial related to crimes committed in the village of Uzdol in September 1993. When using this material, please use the following credit: 'Footage courtesy of IRMCT'. For third-party content, please seek permission from the content owner.
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Videos produced by the MIP

Uzdol Killings

On 14 September 1993, members of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina killed Croatian civilians in the village of Uzdol. Among the 25 people killed, three were children and the rest were women and elderly people.

Uzdol Killings