Mechanism Judges meet in Arusha for second in-person Plenary Session

Mechanism Judges
Mechanism Judges

On 4 and 5 March 2019, the Judges of the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals (Mechanism) held their second in-person Plenary Session at the Seat of the Mechanism in Arusha.

The Judges met to discuss, inter alia, issues pertaining to the work of Chambers and the legal framework of the Mechanism, as well as other current priorities of the institution. The Plenary Session was led by Judge Carmel Agius, who assumed the Presidency of the Mechanism on 19 January 2019, and attended by 22 other Mechanism Judges. Prosecutor Serge Brammertz and Registrar Olufemi Elias were also in attendance for certain discussions and made presentations to the Judges.

The Mechanism has a roster of 25 Judges, who serve when called upon to do so by the Mechanism President. Judges are expected to exercise their functions remotely, unless required to be present at the Seat of one of the two branches of the Mechanism.