Vukovar Crimes


The selected case information below provides an overview of the cases completed before the ICTY/Mechanism concerning the crimes committed in Vukovar, Croatia, in November 1991. It also contains case information, a selection of the archive material and the videos produced by the Mechanism Information Programme for Affected Communities (MIP).

Two persons have been convicted before the ICTY for the crimes committed in Ovčara farm near Vukovar:

Two persons have been acquitted for Ovčara crimes (Miroslav Radić and Vojislav Šešelj) and three persons passed away before the verdict (Slobodan Milošević, Slavko Dokmanović and Goran Hadžić).

Selected Case Information

Mile MrksicMiroslav RadicVeselin Sljivancanin

Mrkšić et al. (IT-95-13/1)

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Slobodan Milosevic

Slobodan Milošević (IT-02-54)

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Slavko Dokmanovic

Slavko Dokmanović (IT-95-13a)

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Goran Hadzic

Goran Hadžić (IT-04-75)

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Vojislav Seselj

Vojislav Šešelj (IT-03-67)

The trial proceedings in this case were held before the ICTY while the appeal proceedings were held before the IRMCT.

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Selected Archive Material

The selected archive material contains a compilation of audiovisual material admitted into evidence in various ICTY/Mechanism trials related to crimes committed in Vukovar in November 1991. When using the Mechanism's archive material, please use the following credit: ”Footage courtesy of IRMCT”. For third-party content, please seek permission from the content owner.
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Videos produced by the MIP

Remember The Fall of Vukovar

On 18 November 1991, the Yugoslav People’s Army and other Serb forces took control of the Croatian town of Vukovar. This marked the end of a three-month siege of the town, during which hundreds of citizens were killed and the town was largely destroyed.

Remember The Fall of Vukovar

Remember Ovčara Victims

On 20 November 1991, more than 200 Croat and other non-Serb persons were taken from the Vukovar city hospital. The ICTY found that 194 of these people were killed near Ovčara farm later the same day.

Remember Ovčara Victimes