Selection of the Latest Public Filings

KARADŽIĆ, Radovan (MICT-13-55)
25 Ukwakira 2018 Prosecution motion to disqualify Judge Jean-Claude Antonetti
KARADŽIĆ, Radovan (MICT-13-55)
17 Ukwakira 2018 Order assigning Judges to the Appeals Chamber to consider a matter
MLADIĆ, Ratko (MICT-13-56)
5 Ukwakira 2018 Order scheduling a Status Conference
KARADŽIĆ, Radovan (MICT-13-55)
4 Ukwakira 2018 Order on Motion to disqualify Judge Theodor Meron

Recent Judicial Events

TURINABO et al. (MICT-18-116)
Status Conference, 13 December 2018, 2:30 p.m. (EAT)
KARADŽIĆ, Radovan (MICT-13-55)
Status Conference, 11 December 2018, 15:00 (CET)