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MICT/ICTR/ICTY Case Law Database

The ICTR/ICTY/MICT Case Law Database contains extracts of judgements and decisions rendered by the Appeals Chambers of the ICTY since 1997, of the ICTR since 2004, and of the MICT since 2012. Users can filter their searches using any of the criteria listed below. Results provide immediate access to relevant extracts from ICTR/ICTY/MICT jurisprudence. Full-text versions of the corresponding decisions and judgements are also provided.


The Case Law Database is being continuously developed to include extracts from the earliest as well as the most recent appellate jurisprudence of the ICTR, the ICTY and the MICT. The extracts and information included in the database are for reference only and not to be considered as official documents of the ICTR, the ICTY or the MICT.